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As with anything in Spain, unless you can speak or read fluent Spanish, finding out about the laws on ownership of air guns in Spain can be a mine field.

Airguns In Spain is designed to help you understand the air gun laws in Spain, how to register your airgun, along with as much information as possible on where to buy airguns along with finding clubs etc to shoot them

As with any country, Spain has its own laws with regard to owing an airgun, along with power levels and what you are allowed to shoot.

We have made the airgun laws in Spain, plain simple and easy to understand

Airgun laws in Spain.

Visit our clubs and associations page to find some where to shoot in Spain

Airgun Clubs And Associations In Spain.

No shooting web site would be complete without its own airgun forum. So we have our own airgun forum, just for the British expat community in Spain

Airgun Forum.

Links to Spanish air gun manufacturers web sites. All three Spanish airgun manufacturers have web sites displaying their full ranges of air guns

Spanish Air Gun Manufacturers.

We have even made it easy for you to find a local Spanish airgun shop or kick start your search for finding Spanish online air gun retailers

Spanish air gun shop finder. Online Spanish Air Gun Shops.